Monday 15 May 2023


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Today's comic cover art is both brand new and over 40 years old! Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian is back with "a new tale of bravery and heroism" (and, I guess, "barbarism"!). The new comic debuts this July and the cover for Conan the Barbarian, Issue #1 (although it is sans title) reprises the glorious – and rightly – celebrated poster art for the 1982 film of the same name created by one of the all-time great veteran movie-poster artists, Renato Casaro, still working, aged 87.

Casaro's art needs no sales-pitch; as for the comic-book series, here's the Official Blurb: "Years after the battle of Venarium, a weary Conan returns to his homeland to seek rest and solitude. However, a mysterious scout rides in to warn the Cimmerians of an imminent threat on the march from the Pictish wilderness. Will Conan and his new ally be able to hold off this new horde of invaders?" 

Who knows? I doubt he'll be able to hold off the horde of comic-collectors eager to own this homage to the film that made an international star of a body-builder named Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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