Tuesday 23 May 2006


Caloo, calay! We’re back ON-LINE! We have a telephone once more! We have uninterrupted internet-access!

Deprived of these technological marvels for just one week, we had begun to sink into the deepest despair, feeling a sense of social isolation akin to that experienced by Mr R. Crusoe.

For the moment, we are once again enjoying the thrill of being able to sort our mail from our spam. But the horrific memory of life without Safari and Firefox remains fresh in the mind and prompts the question of how long the human race could hope to survive if, on a global scale, it permanently lost the power to Google.

Extinction would surely be swift and terrible! Doubt it if you will, but remember that the dinosaurs at the height of their evolutionary sophistication - some time in the late afternoon of the Cretaceous Period - probably thought that life was pretty much as good as it gets, even as showers of climate-changing, life-eradicating meteors were hurtling through space towards a small blue planet…

[Image: © Brian Sibley]

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