Thursday 25 May 2006


My shame is at an end! I can, at last, hold up my head once more! Over lunch at our local, ‘The Black Sheep’ (aptly named in this instance), I picked up one of those newspapers that I only ever look at in a pub, which has writing in red on the top of the front page! Lo and behold, there was all the latest “goss” on ‘Big Brother’, seven days into the sojourn. So, if anyone now happens to mention anything about Shabaz the self-styled “wacky Paki poof” being kicked out, I will know what they’re talking about - sort of…

Thanks to a full-page advert, I also now know that I must avoid eating any KitKat bars in the foreseeable future, in case I have the bad luck to discover the ‘Golden Ticket’ that could make ME a Housemate!

Eric Blair has a lot to answer for!

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