Thursday 8 February 2007


It is truly amazing what you can overhear if, as I am, you are a dedicated eavesdropper...

Now, I know all about eavesdroppers never hearing any good about themselves but that's just a ruse (dreamt up by sniffy moralists) to discourage us from tuning-in for a bit of light entertainment to conversations that quite often sound like early drafts for a play by Alan Bennett.

This shouldn't be too surprising, since Mr B has admitted to doing a bit of eavesdropping himself... How else could he have come up with lines like, "I think at our time of life it's probably a bit late for branching out into yoghurt"?

Anyway, there we were in our local restaurant, enjoying marinated chicken breast with new potatoes and fine beans, when a woman at the next table suddenly announced:

"So, I said to her, 'Please remember that I know you didn't discover vaginal ecstasy until the mid-sixties!'"

All I need now is the rest of the play!


Brian Sibley said...

I think that anyone who posts a comment that links 'The Chronicles of Narnia' (for the uninitiated VOTDT = 'The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader"') with Paramount's movie musical hit of 1954 is simply showing off the extent of his knowledge of 20th Century popular culture!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering whether what you overheard was a reference to a new women-only party drug taken in a somewhat unorthodox manner.

Or perhaps they were rehearsing for a TVC about "womens products". Maybe it's a new brand.

Anonymous said...

Was she referring to the decade or her age?