Saturday 24 February 2007


Time to reveal the results of the"DESCRIBE THAT MOVIE!"
CompetitionTHE WINNERS


The panel of judges - Polkadots, Frannie and David - chose the following winners from an anonymous list of submissions:

: Anon

He's guilty!
Oh no he's not!
Oh yes he is!
Oh no he's not!
Ok then! He's not!

- Twelve Angry Men


Slight, fight, fight, fight!

- The Duellists


They wake up from a dream to be killed in a nightmare.

- Alien


Don't be prissy, become a slut to get the guy of your dreams.

- Grease


Crossing all boundaries of class and height, two lovers strive desperately to escape a sinking script.

- Titanic

RUNNERS-UP (In Alphabetical Order of Films!)

A flying visit abroad doesn't go to plan when it's discovered the previous occupants haven't properly vacated the premises as expected.
- A Bridge Too Far (GOOD DOG)

Death On The Nile meets To Have and Have Not without the whistle.
- Casablanca (JAMES FORTUNE)

Young orphan leaves guardians to explore his magical powers and defeat powerful force of evil.
- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone or Star Wars (QUENY)

Big Shark! It kills! It gets killed!
- Jaws (ANON)

Painstakingly recreated dinosaurs and millions of dollars of visual special effects on show in a film set mostly at night and shot in the dark.
- Jurassic Park (SCROOGE)

Invisible fluffy-footed hero battles invisible CGI foes and persistent bad weather to rid himself of something he shouldn't have had in the first place.
- The Lord of the Rings (SCROOGE)

Sing-song sex with sizzling Satine.
-Moulin Rouge (JAMES FORTUNE)

Young orphan gives up criminal proclivities for life of pleasure with a rich old man.
- Oliver! / Oliver Twist (QUENY)

Fun and frolics with Fred Astaire in a life affirming look at the future of humanity. It'll raise your spirit higher than a mushroom cloud!
- On the Beach (ANDY J LATHAM)

Absentee father reluctantly returns to look after his son.
- Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (QUENY)

Maybe the most pointless film of all time. Three and a half hours when everyone knows that she's going to sink at the end!
- Titanic (SUZANNE)

A fraught journey reveals that the tired and emotionless pilot is just a big baby.
- 2001: A Space Odyssey (GOOD DOG)

Of those who entered the second half of the competition and attempted to NAME those movies that had been described, the results were as follows:

CAFRINE and SUZANNE guessed 7 correct answers each; GOOD DOG and MARK LEE guessed 9 each; but the WINNER with an impressive 12 out of a possible 17 was PETE EMSLIE, an artist with a cool eye for cinematic caricature!



Anonymous said...

I got SEVEN?! Wow! That's about six more than I expected! Yippee!!

That was fun, Brian! I was intruged by the book version propsed on a previous post. Just sayin' is all. :)

Good Dog said...

Aaahhh.... it was Twelve Angry Men. Brilliant description!

Brian, that was great fun to take part in and guess the rest.

And thanks for the link to Pete Emslie. Damn, what a superb talent.

Looking forward to the next one.

Brian Sibley said...

Thanks, folks! And, yes, the next competition will probably be about books to give a "go" to GILL and others who are more 'readerish' than 'watchery'! :-)

Rob Cox said...

I am deeply honoured to have won this! I really don't know what to say. Phew!! I'd like to thank a few people though without whom none of this could have been possible ........

Brian Sibley said...

THANK YOU!! Your time's up!

And for pity's sake, stop that blubbering!

Anonymous said...

Having just recently been aware that Disney historian, Brian Sibley, has a blogsite, I will most certainly be looking in regularly from now on. I must admit I'm very surprised I had the most correct guesses in this contest - I think I was better at nailing the older films, however, as they are more to my taste. My favourite two descriptions were the ones for "Twelve Angry Men" and "2001 - A Space Odyssey", the latter one really making me chuckle.

Thanks, Brian, for also spreading the word on my website. I must admit, I probably need to update it with some more images soon. Glad you enjoy my work!