Thursday 25 October 2007


Today's Guest Blogger is NICK CLARK (aka Boll Weavil) whose post was prompted by yesterday's autumnal thoughts...

Funny isn't it, that we enjoy the beauty of the Earth in summer and then celebrate the death of those very things we admired so much in their prime!

Cue: a poem of mine -
Traitors - from about ten years ago...

You who laughed and sang
Like running streams
Through whole valleys of long-day dreams,
Whilst clear, still skies overhead
Glittered and gleamed.

You love the golden-death throes
Of this same Earth
As she lies beneath the damp smoke,
That sweeping sheet of mist
From hidden heights
That swirls and jokes
From well-remembered hills
Over all our fripperies and frills.

Stoke up the fire!
Bar the door!
And remember in patterns
Of yellow flame
What lies beyond the clammy dripping woodland,
For what was once
Will soon refrain.

Poem © Nick Clark 2007; Images © Brian Sibley 2007

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