Friday 5 October 2007


This is TOMORROW's blog-posting posted TODAY (or if you go by the date at the top, YESTERDAY!)

Thank you all for your much appreciated good wishes and what-not on David having made an honest man of me or vice versa - though sadly, of course, vice probably doesn't come into it anymore!

This advance blogging is on account of us popping off to Brighton for a nifty two-night 'honeymoon' --- well, after 17 years, two nights ought to be more than adequate!!

It probably won't be warm enough for sitting on the beach...

...let alone going for a SWIM!

Still, I can always remind myself of warmer days on Kalymnos and That Photo of my 'other-half' (frankly, a ridiculous expression, since I'm at least twice his size!) which, thanks to the talents of our friend Gordon Drayson can now be viewed rather more as I saw it through the view-finder of my mind's-eye...

Thanks, Gordon!

And good-night from us in Brighton...

See also... button's blog!

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