Sunday 19 October 2008


Here's another of those animals - well, in this case a fish - on the Underground...

And here is some more marine life which I caught sight of the other day swimming up an escalator on the Piccadilly line...

These new advertisements are astonishing but they are also, it should be noted, highly dangerous, since one gets so absorbed in watching them that it's all too easy to STOP watching out for the end of the escalator!

Not only that, of course, but we really must hope those tanks don't start leaking!!


Boll Weavil said...

The tanks would leak ! What a very silly thing to say Mr B. You are so funny.
As if they would really put them near an electrical installation unless they were very strong.
Besides that diver would beable to say as soon as any cracks appeared.

Andy Latham said...

So is this the "London Underwater"?

Haven't had chance to stop by recently, but am glad you're still blogging and I will be making more effort to return in future!

Brian Sibley said...

As you say, BOLL, silly old me! I'd totally overlooked the role of the diver!

Nice to see you again, ANDY: you're always welcome! :-)