Monday 4 May 2009


On the subject of loos, here's one that has a severely limited use but is, nevertheless, a hell of an eye-catching movie ad...

OK, I'm sure someone will tell me that this ambient advertisement for Spiderman 2 is a photoshoped hoax, but it ought to be true!

And, just think: if Spidey did have his own designated urinal, gents' public loos might finally become fly-free!

And, for fans of Peter Parker and his alter ego, here's a glimpse what became of his life after the lad finally went and tied the knot with Mary Jane...

Click image to enlarge

This piece of art (actually a cartoonist's retort against a piece of sexist comic book merchandise showing a busty Mary Jane bent over the tub washing Spiderman's suit) was the work of the talented J Bone, although - be warned - his style may be rather too gay and raunchy for everyone's taste.


SharonM said...

A case of someone taking the pissoire.

Good Dog said...

Put a urinal like that in schools and there would be hell to pay from the support staff.

J Bone's illustration is a great retort, but I do like the Adam Hughes original of MJ

(For the bank holiday the WV is: resteday. Nice.)

Brian Sibley said...

You mean you actually like Adam Hughes model of Mary Jane?

GD, how could you? I know I'm gay and, therefore, it could be argued, just don't get the whole tits'n'bum thing, but it's such a vulgar, misogynistic piece of sexist ****! :-0

SharonM said...

Well said, Brian!

And I love J Bone's version.

Good Dog said...

Oh, no, no, no... no, not the model itself, which, amongst its many faults, looks like it was bodged together by someone wearing oven mits, but the maquette it’s based on.

The illustration can be found at the bottom of this page.

Of course it probably doesn’t help my case because it is still sexist, but as one of the masters of contemporary comic art, AH (who has knowingly referred to himself as an “ace titty artist”) is probably the best purveyor of “good girl” art around.

I think I’ll quit now before I dig myself into a deeper hole.

Brian Sibley said...

OK... Not sure about Sharon, but I'll let you off!! ;-)

Adam Hughes is a true inheritor of the pin-up-girl style art of the '40s that is, arguably, sexy and innocent at the same time (if that's possible); apart from which he's a terrific artist even when he's not being 'tit-obsessed'!