Friday 14 August 2009


As you may recall, my blog-friend SHARON MAIL of Storm in a G Cup has been writing a book about her friend, the late Ian Richardson.

Well, We Could Possibly Comment: Ian Richardson Remembered is now published and available and a fine piece of work it is.

Sharon takes us through Ian's distinguished career including his years in the RSC - as one of the finest Shakespearian actors of his age - and his many memorable television performances in such series as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Private Schulz, Porterhouse Blue, Murder Rooms, Sherlock Holmes, Gormenghast and, of course, the House of Cards trilogy in which he created the unforgettably serpentine Francis Urquhart.

The book is crammed with anecdotes, recollections and tributes from those who worked with Ian - actors, writers, directors - and I feel extremely privileged to have been able to add my own memories of Ian recording a reading of my book, Shadowlands for the BBC that was to sadly prove one of his last pieces of recorded work.

But there are many more prestigious contributors to the book than myself: Sirs Peter Hall, Ian McKellen and Donald Sinden, Dames Helen Mirren and Judi Dench as well as Isla Blair, Alex Jennings, Juliet Stevenson, Patrick Stewart and John Sessions who describes the book as "A glorious and heart-warming tribute to a superb and much loved actor." I couldn't put it better myself!

We Could Possibly Comment (ISBN 9781848761841) is available from bookshops, on-line booksellers, via the publishers, Matador, or directly from the author at her blogsite.

One of my favourite quotes in the book is Brian Blessed's description of Ian Richardson's acting: "He is the only actor who has made my heart dance."

I know exactly what he means and here's a clip of Ian - as the notorious FU - confronting Michael Kitchen as His Majesty in To Play the King where he manages, simultaneously, to thrill and chill the viewer...


SharonM said...

You're hired! Who needs a PR company when you've got a friend like Brian Sibley. Bless you,Brian.

I should point out though, that the official publication date for the book is the 7th September and therefore although books can be ordered from bookshops and online now, they are only actually available to buy direct from me before then.

Postscript: whilst Brian was beavering away on the publicity front for me, I was swanning around at the Writers' Summer School, disco-dancing and winning a raffle prize of a free place at the school - the third time I've won a free place there out of five years! It's a hard life.

Brian Sibley said...

It's a pleasure, Sharon, and totally deserved. Usual rates apply!

Unknown said...

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