Friday 4 December 2009


They've done it again! The BBC! Shoving out some of my old programmes on Radio 7 without even the common decency to tell me they were repeating my work for which, I might add, they pay a minute pittance that makes peanuts look like a banquet!

This time it was my three-part dramatisation of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress which I only discovered had been revived because a listener kindly wrote to express his appreciation -- thank you, Mark W!

Observant readers of this blog will recall that this has happened before with the self-same series - just over a year ago!

My version of Bunyan's famous allegorical story starred Anton Rogers, Neil Dudgeon, Alec McCowen, Anna Massey, Don Warrington, Peter Bowles and Derek Waring and there's still time to tune into the saga of Christian's journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City taking advantage of BBC iPlayer.

However, I can't resist pointing out the total sloppiness of the BBC's on-line picture researcher who selected the image for their programme page...

This has absolutely nothing to do with The Pilgrim's Progress but shows, instead, the Pilgrim FATHERS landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620

Yes, John Bunyan was a Puritan, but he certainly wasn't among those, depicted in Charles Lucy's iconic painting of those 17th Century British tourists taking their first trip to the USA! There's a good reason for this, Bunyan wasn't born till 1628!

Still, I suppose those other pilgrims did view the New World as the Promised Land...


jen said...

Shocking! Lax picture research & blatant rights issues.
No wonder you are annoyed.
Credit where it's due,creatively &

Undicter: shady corporate policy

Good Dog said...

That's really nice of them. How difficult would it be to let you know it was being broadcast again? Still, you were only the writer after all. It makes you want to chase after these people with pitchforks and croquet mallets.

What is with the bad picture research? It seems to be everywhere.

Because I stopped getting the Radio Times ages back, I tend to reply on the arts/listings magazine that comes with The Times on Saturday and the website

It's an absolute hoot. Whenever they include a still on the individual channel listing pages they're all wrong. One time, for the mid-1950s film Lost on Film4 there was a shot of the cast from the TV drama. Repeats of Minder on ITV4 had a still of Shane Ritchie and the other chap from the recent Five remake. For repeats of The Prisoner there was a still of a pair of hands leaning against prison cell bars.

The incompetence is just astonishing.

Brian Sibley said...

No doubt the blame will be laid at the door of Professor Google or Dr Wiki, but all they have done is make us complacent and lazy...

Suzanne said...

Scandalous ! What happened to good old-fashioned BOOKS for research? I often use Google but always check up with other sources. cadve: a breach of writers' rights (try saying that 3 times really quickly!)

Arts and Crafts said...

I can see that the bad manners and lack of cordiality are not only "typical spanish" (specially southeast of Spain).

I have listened about the Pilgrims Progress but I never knew what was exactly. As always this blog is a source of knowledge.

P.D.: I have the job. I don`t know why, because the interview in english language was a disaster (the english professor said to me: your english is rusty. And I thought "My God, is worst than rusty")... Well three months in a little museum of contemporary art, with an exhhibition of five artits, including Eva Rothschild and Gert&Uwe Tobias (first time in Spain for both of them).

Brian Sibley said...

SUZANNE - BOOKS?? Don't be daft, these people live on-line...

EUDORA - Congratulations on getting the job! Well done!