Tuesday 17 May 2011



The photo I asked you to caption was of a somewhat demented-looking Hatter bearing down on an overdressed Disneyland visitor (hat, gloves and pearls) back in 'sixties...

Your suggested captions included references to the millinery high- (0r low-) lights of guests at the recent Royal Wedding; what I take to be allusions to Irish leprechauns (prompted, I guess, by the Hatter's "wearing of the green") combined with the ubiquitous reference to underwear; and the halluciagenic effects of magic mushrooms.

One or two other entries suggest that their authors were themselves under the influnece of substances that probably oughtn't to be investigated more closely!

This competition was graciously adjudicated – from an anonymous list of entries – by Guest Judge, GILL, and here are the results, beginning with the...


Boll Weavil

EDITOR'S PICK "The thing I love about Internet dating is you never know who you're going to meet. I just tapped in 'smartly dressed man' and I'm SO excited to see who turns up."

"Would you be ready for the underpants shots now. I have my foinest Shamrock's on for the lady so I do."

David Weeks

A rubber-head and a mannequin, in a fantasy setting. So where has reality gone?

Good Dog

“Back and to the left... Back and to the left... Back and to the left...”

“Will somebody please explain to this frightful little man that however sure he thinks he is, I’m not his, my name isn’t Heather, and I do not feel at all lucky!”

“And I thought that Sarah Palin and her Tea Party was just plain nuts.”


"You think that's a hat? THIS IS A HAT, LADY!"


Prince Andrew goes to his daughters' milliner.


Woman to Hatter: "I know a princess who would just love your hat for the next royal wedding!"


She (proudly): I've got a hat!
He (in an Australian accent): That's not a hat - now this is a hat!


HIGHLY COMMENDED "Alice? Oh! My! God! How many mushrooms did they give you?"

"Alice, you have to kick that mushroom habit"

"Can I be the porpoise to your whiting?"

Snow White Sanctum

Hatter to Woman: "Hey lovely, since your husband's busy birdwatching, how'd you like to come join me for some tea?"


"Hey, Mr. Hatter... coffee, tea or ME???"

And now – roll on drums, toot on trumpets – the FINALISTS!!


Boll Weavil

Woman: "These tabs ARE good stuff. Mine are kicking in already..."


Andy J Latham

Take the damn picture George, I do NOT wish to be hatted again!!



"Well hellooo! Wanna hunt some snark?

to Suzanne and the other finalists and thanks to Judge Gill and to everyone who threw their hats into the ring!

The photo was originally posted on the blog of the very excellent Mr Kevin Kidney


Andy Latham said...

Some excellent entries! Well done all! :D

Boll Weavil said...

A great selection - very funny stuff ! More soon please Mr B !

Arts and Crafts said...

Lovely. Congratulations to everyone... I think that the prize for the winner would be a hat...

Suzanne said...

Thank you Eudora, but it would have to be a very exceptional hat for me to wear it!
This being said, I am "right chuffed" to have finally won something!