Monday 28 October 2013


I will be flying in on The One Show (BBC One) tonight to chat with Gyles Brandreth about P L Travers, Walt Disney, Mary Poppins and the new film starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks, Saving Mr Banks.

The programme starts at 19:00 at some point, after which, I will pop up!


John Vernon Lord said...

You came over splendidly, with such spontaneous erudition and resplendently attired with a technicolour tie to die for.
Cheers from John

SharonM said...

Yes,you were excellent Brian - a natural. That wasn't by any chance the theatre at the Magic Circle?

Brian Sibley said...

Thanks, John! :)

Rob Cox said...

Hi Brian - I just caught up with the programme courtesy of the BBC iPlayer. You spoke with great love and enthusiasm about the topic and particularly PLT herself. Well done - a very authoritative performance!

Brian Sibley said...

Thanks, Sharon. No, not The Magic Circle Theatre, The Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley!

Rob: Glad it came over ok. I'm away with 'insufficient bandwith' to view iPlayer, so I'll have to take your (and others') word for it!

Suzanne said...

Oh darn (& other explétives) I missed it!
And I can't get iPlayer out here! Double darn!