Tuesday 21 January 2014



This was the photo I asked you to caption...

...and you provided a bumper crop of excellent offerings getting the 2014 Sibley Blog Caption Competitions off to a fantastic start!

Roger Shrigley snapped the shot of the corralled penguins during the demolition of the Christmas Ice Rink at London's Somerset House, so I asked Roger and his wife, Sheila, to judge the entries submitted (as usual) anonymously.

Roger was slightly disappointed that no one came up with his own caption suggestion...

Sole penguin with black tie:" I didn't know it was a RED tie event."

But here, thanks to their judging, are the results, beginning with (as they say on TV, 'in no particular order) with...

Stephen Baker
"Order what you will. They'll be no bill; it's complimentary!!"

Chris Lee
"Penguins being held back after global warming protest in Trafalgar Square"

Deanna Cornwall
"Penguins rounded up after tragedy at local bowling alley... Penguins mistaken for bowling pins, one dead, many injured."

Ellie Luchinsky
"Where's Morgan Freeman when you need him?"
Michael Goldberg 
“If we stand just so, the paparazzi won't recognize us and take our photo."

Mickey Mark 
"Excited Penguins line up for the sequel to March of the Penguins."

Becky Dillon
“My feet are definitely NOT happy!”

1st penguin: "What are you auditioning for?"
2nd penguin: "Saving Mr Banks."
3rd penguin: "What? Are they doing that tea party thing again?"
2nd penguin: "I don't know... but it's worth a try".
1st penguin: "Don't be absurd, Dick Van Dyke's way too old for that now."

"How many men did you say? All running around after a ball? And we're stuck in here waiting to see THAT?"

Chris Biles
"Westminster ? The 'Eyes' certainly have it by the nose! A case of black is black and white is white for once."

John O’Riordan
“The start of the Annual Penquin Marathon – a regular fun-run to save the human race."

Rob Page 
"I hate Black tie events, we all look the same, when do the doors open?"

David Weeks
"Spartacus? No, never even heard of him!"

Val, Kate & Co
P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin––– Please!

Chris Hyde
“Crowd reacts to the Little Mermaids wardrobe malfunction."

"Sea World announces planned budget cuts for 2014."

"It's Ronaldo on a breakaway. Shot... Goal!!!!!"

"Dad, I don't want to stand in line for an hour just to see some stupid humans!"

Sharon Mail 
"Red, white and black-based penguins stand shoulder to shoulder, in a rare act of unity."

Bob Loomis

"Start line for penguin snowboarding contest!"

Veronica Zundel
“When do we get p-p-p-picked up?”

Saturday’s Toys
"Ken O'Connor!"

Ian Rowland
"Global Warming: the evidence gets stronger every day"

Marcel Aubron-Bulles 
"We don't need no education."

Matt Darby
"We thought this was the queue for South Arctic line on the tube…"

Boll Weavil
"And also my brothers, FREE FISH FOR ALL!"

"Penguin suits off on the count of three, down to the undies and its one for the caption competition...."

"I wonder if we're the first birds ever to appear in Brian's caption competition ?"

"What time is Attenborough due?"

Wolfgang Greisinger
"A visit to the zoo."

Mathew Brauchli
"It's official, the Chinese really have no idea what a flamingo really looks like."

John Foster
"Red Carpet line up for the Primer of Happy Feet Three."

"Arrested after a protest against the new Nobel Peace Prize, Mr Bill Gates."

Most Relevant to Brian's Blog
Leo N Holzer
"Pamela, if we replace the animation sequence with these, would that make you happy? -- Walt"

Penguin at the back: "Wow! Look guys! It's Dick and Julie!"
Boll Weavil
"I wonder if we're the first birds ever to appear in Brian's caption competition ?"

Wackiest Entry
Ian Rowland
"Desmond's 'blend in with the crowd' ruse worked well, until blood from the scene of the crime was noticed on his feet."

Honourable Mention  
Bob Sangwell
"P-p-p-pen up a pick... No, that doesn't quite work."

Fourth Place 
Phil Nichols
"Animal rights campaigners release shocking photos revealing McVities' battery farming techniques."
Third Place
Chris Hyde
"The queue for the ‘All You Can Eat’ Krill Buffet."

 Second Place
Boll Weavil

"I thought you said you had the fence cutters ?"

First Place
Ian L Collier

“And at the British Antarctic Base, the protestors maintained a dignified silence despite the use of 'kettling'."

Thanks to everyone who took part and well done to all the winners!

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