Saturday 26 March 2016


Tomorrow (Sunday 27 March)

Channel 5 Television 

a celebration of the   


This cartoon marathon will be transmitted from 4:10 to 7:00 pm

Honouring some of the finest and funniest films in the history of animation will be Brian Cosgrove, Craig T Nelson, Floyd Norman, Henry Selick, Brian Sibley, David Silverman and Billy West ––––

PLUS... 7 Dwarfs, 101 Dalmatians, Wallace & Gromit, The Snowman, The Iron Giant, Shrek, Roger Rabbit, a boy named Charlie Brown and many others!

Tune in to see how your favourites fare against those voted Top of the Toontown Toons!

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Boll Weavil said...

Worth a comment on this because after being initially skeptical, I found the show had some merits. I'm not sure what order everything was in really - the usual nonsensical one I guess, but some intelligent talking heads and knowledgeable bods (yourself numbering one)were amongst the z listers commenting with WD getting due recognition also with some nice footage.One couldn't be too critical of the selection - no Dumbo, no Pinnochio - surely both better than the Pokemon Movie ???? No let's not go there. These things are always shamelessly anchored in the last few years but nice to see Toy Story getting some recognition and the Snowman with BS commentary - I could watch a programme on that.I did think though, that Briggs and Schultz produced masterpieces of animation to show life wasn't always pink and fluffy and we cartoon audiences happily pushed their message in favour of just seeing the cuteness. That must have hurt !