Thursday 6 July 2006


From the daily morass of spam, a tragic voice cried out to me…

“I am a lovely and lonely lady who is looking for the man who will make me happy.

Without my beloved one, my soul mate, my King, my life is not complete.

I wish I could find him very soon so that we might share together every moment of a lifetime of romance!

What about you? Could you be my King, my beautiful Hero who will save me from this loneliness, find me and wake me with a kiss.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ - you can find out more about me on www.blankety-blank-blank [website details withheld]

Au revoir,


Oh, poor, lovely, lonely Galinka, how can I break it to you?

I do not require my web site being publicised; I am not looking for competitively-priced supplies of Viagra; and, no, I really don’t need a replica Rolex, just now!

Which sadly, dear lady, is why you are going into-------

J U N K !

[Image: digital dreemz photographics]

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