Friday 7 July 2006


My local Prophet whose teachings on the sin-healing power of apples were recently reported on this blog, has treated us to a further Revelation:

“A little proof of the mind of the DEVIL at work…” begins the epistle, “The DEVIL sees HEAVEN full of monkeys. He does not like the thought of a HEAVEN full of white, pure angels…

“Look at the word ‘LUCOZADE’ which is derived by the DEVIL from the words ‘APE ZOAN 7’ in which the number ‘7’ stands for HEAVEN.

“Turn ‘apezoan7’ upside down and you get ‘Lucozade’…”

OK, will do…

Er… Except, that actually you DON’T…

Oh, hang on a minute… There’s a postscript:

“You can pronounce it if the letter ‘c’ is an ‘a’.”

Which, unfortunately it ISN’T, and - even it were - that, very regrettably, is still not how you spell 'ZONE'!

Oh, well, the Devil, as they say, is in the detail…

And, anyway, quibbling with such uninhibited wildness of the imagination really does seem a tad petty.


Anonymous said...

Heehee! It's always amusing to me how people waste their time. Finding secret Devilish messages in product names? Up there with the most off beat.

Anonymous said...

Gosh. I think if you want to prove that Lucozade is a creation of the devil, never mind playing daft word games, all you need to do is drink the stuff - it tastes vile.



BTW, hello - you don't know me from Adam, but I found your blog (and indeed your webpage) when I was doing a little search last night. "Hi" from someone who loved your Lord of the Rings radio adaptation all those years ago.


Brian Sibley said...

Thank you, David, for your kind comments and for your on-the-button appreciation (!) of Lucozade!!

When yous say it tastes "vile", it will not have escaped your notice that "vile" is an anagram of "evil" --- and only one letter short of DEVIL!!