Saturday 29 July 2006


Noteriety at last!

From today’s edition of the Australian publication…

…comes the following report:
POLICE are 'outraged and disgusted' with what they describe as lenient sentences handed out to the first of the Palm Island rioters yesterday.

Police union president Gary Wilkinson called the outcome a 'dark day for Queensland justice'.

"The sentencing is an insult to those officers who nearly lost their lives when the police station was burnt to the ground," he said in a prepared statement. "Anyone involved in burning down a police station ought to go to jail for a considerable period of time."

In the dock were Russell Parker and Brian Sibley, charged with stealing by looting during civil unrest.

Sibley and Parker had taken advantage of the police retreating to the island hospital to join in the looting of the deserted police barracks, a type of offence the judge suggested the community despised most.

Russell Parker was jailed for six months, and Brian Sibley also received six months.

Sibley has already served almost three months in pre-sentence custody, so will possibly be released late next month, if early release is granted.
Some delays in updating this blog are, therefore, to be expected…

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Diva of Deception said...

Now you make sure you behave yourself and get that early release....

I always wondered where you disappeared to when you stopped dining with us on Monday nights; now I know!