Monday 28 August 2006


Yesterday, being Sunday, day-trippers invaded Emporios - just as they no doubt staged similar invasions on beaches at Brighton, Hastings and Blackpool…

One family arrived in three cars and a boat, bringing with them vast quantities of bags, cold-boxes, li-los, floats, rings, blow-up dinghies and a swarm of kids who commandeered the length of the beach and spent most of the day yelling at one another in high-decibel, ear-splitting screeches and screaming in rage whenever one of their flotilla of rubber-beach toys was purloined or when one of them was not-altogether accidentally hit by a lobbed stone or clobbered by a flailing oar…

There was ghastly universality about their behaviour that seemed all the more extreme because the beach at Emporios is normally a haven of undisturbed peace and quiet!

They eventually departed and those of us who remained - along with the trees and the hills - breathed a sigh of relief!

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Anonymous said...

A child's squeal, like wind chimes after midnight, is the opposite of blissful.

Sounds like you're having the time of your life, Brian!