Sunday 6 August 2006


Prompted by my earlier posting, the Diva of Deception has listed her Top Ten Reads --- and has included Mary Poppins, which immediately made me ask why she isn't on MY list! She certainly SHOULD be!

True, I didn't read Miss Poppins' exploits until I was in my twenties (some time after seeing the Disney film), but it resulted in a long friendship with the author and took me to Hollywood to write a sequel - albeit never filmed - to that famous movie. Why, I even wrote the 'Afterword' to an edition of the book (above) that is now sitting on a pile of books near the desk, looking accusingly at me and saying - with a Mary Poppins-type sniff - "Ha, Moby-Dick, indeed!"

And now a copy of Winnie-the-Pooh wants to know how come someone who's written one book (and edited two others), a radio play and two documentaries about the Bear of Very Little Brain and his creator chose Animal Farm instead!

Eeyore observes that there is a donkey in Orwell's book, and Piglet adds that it has quite a few pigs, as well; but Pooh maintains that is "Not the point!" And he's probably right...

So, maybe, what I really need is a Top Twenty list...

Or, maybe it just goes to show the true value of all lists!

PS: And now there's Cafrine's top-ten-totally-trippy-uh-books to be considered and she lists, on the one hand, all those Harry Potter and... books, to which I've still got to knuckle down; and, on the other hand, Douglas Adams' TOTALLY WONDERFUL The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, which I first fell in love with when it was a BBC radio series back in 1978 and which made me want to write for radio...

PPS: And now, another impressive list of (fifteen choices - with synopses, no less!) has been compiled by Anna and will be found filed under precious pages. Check them out, my precious - even though Gollum didn't manage to squeeze into this list!

PPPS: Must STOP re-writing existing blogs! No more 'PS's!

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Diva of Deception said...

I wondered where Pooh was too - I was surprised he was missing from your list..... poor Pooh.