Thursday 31 August 2006


Even Count Dracula couldn’t be more irritating of an evening than the attentive mosquitoes of Greece! Bad enough that, when the wind is blowing up or dropping down (or simply in the wrong direction), the common sand flies bite - and draw blood! - but no sooner has the sun set than squadrons of mosquitoes take to the air.

We have candles, and burners and electrical plug-in dissuaders as well as citronella body patches, antihistamine cream, neutralising ammonia pens, and a suction pump for extracting the poison! And still they are not deterred, let alone defeated.

I have, so far, escaped pretty much unscathed, but David has been devoured and consumed to a point where if he escapes any further bites it can only be because the mosquitoes can’t actually find a part of him on which they haven’t already feasted!


Anonymous said...

Ah. The good old Mozzie. Sharing the anti-joys of tropical summer with people all over the world.

However, if Aussie mozzies are anything to go by then I have some good news! If you haven't been bit excessively yet, then you probably won't be. Why? You taste bad to them! Doesn't help out David much, though, I guess. I wish I had some simple solution for you both, but unfourtunatly our best method is to slap the buggers once they hit your skin (which replaces mozzie bites with slapping welts - ouch!).

Diva of Deception said...

Now there's a reminder of why I don't visit hot countries!

Thank you for explaining to me why I wouldn't enjoy myself if I was with you both.....