Thursday 4 January 2007

10 THINGS (3)

Well, as Sam Gamgee observed, I'm back!

Yesterday morning David and I were sitting having coffee and a sandwich outside Quadri Grand Caffe in St Mark's Square, Venice. It was crisply cold, but the sky was a clear blue and the sun was scattering the lagoon with flashes of diamond light...

And now it's back to the wind and the rain!

Back to blogging, too! And I'm starting the New Year (no, NOT with a list of broken resolutions!) but with another in my occasional series of TEN THINGS that have made my life richer than it might otherwise have been.

On this occasion I’ve selected----

Ten Things That Have Made My Life More EMOTIONAL...

Arriving in Venice

Looking at the stars

Looking back

Snow falling at night

Reading The Wind in the Willows

Watching It’s a Wonderful Life

Listening to Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony

Old letters


Leaving Venice


Unknown said...

Welcome back!

Surprised not to see Peter Jackson in that top 10 ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Lists! I love me a good list!

You know, I've never read Wind in the Willows. Never seen the movie, either. Apparently my childhood was lacking. I'm with you on It's A Wonderful Life though. And old letters. I'll take your word on the snow.

Welcome back, the pair of you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Brian! Glad to see you're back...
Here's looking forward to another year of fun blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I hope your garden is well-tended. I was given your Peter Jackson Bio for Christmas, and have started to read it. Very good so far -- I like the juxtaposition between the BS bits and the PJ bits. Unfortunately, when I got to about page 40, I remembered I have three unread books that I have to review, so am taking a slight detour through Moria to finish those off, before arriving at the Rivendell of PJ's bio. Am looking forward to it!
Incidentally, we as usual watched the three extended editions over Christmas. Marvellous. Brilliant. So wonderful an experience.
Happy new year,

Anonymous said...

Yes we all have lists: things to do, places to see, foods & wines to taste. But someone I know received a strange Christmas present: "101 things to buy". I had to ask myself am I completely out of touch or has the world gone mad? I am aware of course, that in order to accomplish the dreams in our lists, we have to buy things, but to make buying the object? I have another list of words to describe my reaction!

Rob Cox said...

I'm getting behind with your blogs Brian. 'The Wing in the Willows' was written in my boyhood home of Pangbourne (near Reading) and Kenneth Graham lived in the house opposite my family home. He was, according to my father who 'plumbed' for him, a very eccentric man, totally under the thumb of his wife.

And Yes - Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony - my favourite piece of classical music. Gut-wrenching in intensity and emotion! Play it loud! Brilliant!