Thursday 5 June 2008


There was a PHENOMENAL response to the Toscadies competition: FORTY-FIVE entries -- although, to be fair, several of you did make mega-multiple submissions!

While Jonathan and Akiko are judging the competition and selecting the winners, here - purely for your amusement - are those entries.

They are a mix of films, plays and books along with a couple of TV shows. Some are more than a little obscure, others are ambiguous (in that they could ruin more than one film or show!) and if some seem similar to others, that's because they are Tosca-dying the same creative work!

I'll post the answers when you've had a chance to test your wits - and patience!


1 Rocky wins

2 Er… the butler did it

3 He gets off with her

4 It sinks

5 He finds it

From LISAH...

6 Cosette ends up an orphan... but happy

7 FU gets the bullet

8 Jack sinks without trace

9 I think the monolith wins

10 The deer's mother gets killed

11 The bear doesn't really die

12 The elephant flies

13 Messalamashed

14 Bill is Gerald

15 Rodrighost

16 Fosco is foiled

The Monster Makes Out

18 Mattie gets chucked

19 Carmen croaks

20 Edward G joins the food chain

21 Will’s Dad is crusty


22 She spots it is a Wolf and not her Granny

23 Rosebud is the name of boyhood sledge

24 He kills the king and then dies too

25 Tiny Tim survives

26 They all chip in and raise enough money to pay off the loans

27 …and on the third day he rises from the dead. Then later he ascends into heaven

28 He thinks she's a dead, she think he's dead - they both die anyway

29 One Mac born via Caesarean section so he kills the other Mac


30 It was dad all the time!

31 Wanted more, got more - got more than he bargained for! Then got what he wanted and lived happily ever after

32 They wed, they wed, they wed, he dies, they wed....

From GILL...

33 Jane Rochester

34 R.I.P. the young ones

35 He never comes

He’s dead, too

37 The copper did it!

From BENTOS...

38 Look! They're both fighting left-handed!

From QENNY...

39 You know it's just a remake of Jekyll and Hyde?

40 Poor Bruce! Killed off in the first scene

41 At least the Amish admit there's an outside world!

42 The voice over has a sting in its tail

43 Even the conservative dad ends up in a frock

From EUDORA...

44 Almost all of them are dead


45 Rosebud is the sled


Anonymous said...

Thanks folks for the Rosebud thing! I always did wonder about that (especially after the Peanuts comic strip), but never actually got round to watching the film!

SharonM said...

Sorry B - didn't realise just how many I'd bombarded you with!
Nice to see that David has gone 'A' listers on the culture scale.