Monday 10 January 2011


Deadlines are pressing and the gentle art of blogging is going to have to be put (more or less) on hold for a few weeks...

Every now and again, just to keep things ticking over, I'll be sharing a few photos from our recent visit to Venice (and a couple from earlier pilgrimages) beginning today with some images celebrating the leonine companion of the city's patronal guardian, Saint Mark.

I really love lions (probably because of my childhood obsession with Narnia's Aslan) and winged lions are obviously in a very special cat-egory all their own!

There are a great many lions in Venezia, these are but a few...

Chimera II

Domes and Flag



Angry Lion

Doge and Lion

Lion and Book



Knocker 1

Lion Doors
And finally...

Lion Biscuits

Images: Brian Sibley & David Weeks © 2009-2011

You can view more of our Venice photographs on my flickr Photostream


Snow White Archive said...

Who da thought there'd be such a pride within the city? Walls, doors, and cookies...oh my.

That's some really handsome photography Brian. Nice job.

Suzanne said...

Here in Belgium, the lion is also the emblem of Flanders.
Living in the French speaking part of a country which has been in political no-man's land for 7 - yes seven! - months now, mainly because of a particular well-hated Fleming, I'm a bit off emblematic lions for the moment! Miaow!

David Weeks said...

That first picture looks as though the sky has been painted! Nice though...