Monday 31 January 2011


Talking of Lewis Carroll: while in Oxford the other day to celebrate the birthday of the discoverer of Wonderland and Looking-glass World, we came across these...

Eat Me!

...although I am puzzled why the Wonderland authorities would mint commemorative coins featuring someone whose visit caused so much upheaval and trauma to everyone from rabbits to royalty!

Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I need to comply with the inscription!

You get your own EAT ME treats (and much else besides) at Alice's Shop - Lewis Carroll's The Old Sheep Shop


Anonymous said...

A sad day today Brian as we hear of the death of composer John Barry. The theme from Midnight Cowboy is as wonderful today as when the film first came out, a sad loss but gosh he leaves behind a wonderful legacy

Brian Sibley said...

I agree: many of Barry's scores are (and will remain) undisputed classics of the genre. One of my personal favourites (in addition to all the well-known titles) is the music he wrote for The Lion in Winter.