Thursday 9 June 2011


Alas and alack! The end of another era!

The voice of the tirelessly loquacious Zippy from the long-running British kids' TV show, Rainbow, has finally been zipped!

Actor, Roy Skelton, the voice of both the oval-headed, zip-lipped, extrovert, Zippy, and his pink pal, the shy, hippo-like George, died yesterday, aged 79.

Apart from talking to himself for twenty years as George and Zippy, Roy was a regular "Exterminator!" for those deadly nemeses of Dr Who – the Daleks!

That was, obviously, an out-take, but once you know who was giving those threatening commands, it is difficult not to think of Zippy scooting around inside the Dalek machines! Indeed, one video-masher found the temptation irresistible as you can see here.

And if you've never seen the Rainbow gang's private 'cast and crew' rude spoof of the show, you can watch it (depending on how allergic you are to Carry On style innuendo) here.

Farewell, Roy Skelton, man of many endearing and scary voices!

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Steven Hartley said...

I had no idea that it was him that did the Dalek voices - maybe it's because I'm not much of a fan of Doctor Who. I always learn something in this blog.