Thursday 23 June 2011


Jeremy Mortimer is the brilliant BBC producer (and one of the triumvirate of directors, along with Gemma Jenkins and David Hunter) responsible for my forthcoming Radio 4 'Classic Serial', The History of Titus Groan.

History of Titus Groan (Jeremy, Luke & David)

Seen above (left) with cast members, Luke Treadaway (Titus) and David Warner (The Artist), Jeremy has recently uploaded an interview he conducted with me – on the final day of recording – about Mervyn Peake, the creator of Titus and his ancestral home, Gormenghast.

If you missed it on Facebook, here it is...

The History of Titus Groan, also features Miranda Richardson, James Fleet, Tamsin Greig, Adrian Scarborough, Mark Benton, Paul Rhys, Carl Prekopp, William Gaunt, Olivia Hallinan, Fenella Woolgar, Claudie Blakely, Gerard Murphy and Maureen Beattie.

The series of six one-hour plays begins transmission on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 10 July at 15:00 and is repeated on Saturday evenings, beginning 16 July at 21:00.

Photo: Islay Bell-Webb


Arts and Crafts said...

David Warner!!! great!.

Boll Weavil said...

David Warner - another Scrooge connection ! Magnifique !

SharonM said...

Didn't recognise David Warner at first! Who are playing Sepulchrave, Flay and Prunesquallor?

Good Dog said...

That is a top cast. David Warner and Miranda Richardson - fantastic!

Susan D-L said...

David Warner is one of my on-going crushes. I hope to get a chance to hear this.

Is Jeremy Mortimer the son of author John Mortimer, by any chance?

PS: thank you, Brian, for the blog link. I will endeavor to be worthy. ; )

Brian Sibley said...

Eudora, Boll and Good Dog - 'Great'? 'Magnifique'? 'Fantastic'? Well... I hope so... A little bit, at least... :)

Sharon - Sepulchrave: Paul Rhys; Flay: Adrian Scarborough; Prunesquallor: James Fleet.

Susan D-L - The plays will be available on BBC iPlayer during the whole run of the series and, eight days after the sixth episode, the series can be bought and downloaded.

And, yes, Jeremy is John Mortimer's son.