Saturday 16 July 2011


If you missed 'Titus Arrives' the first part of my play cycle, The History of Titus Groan, based on the novels of Mervyn Peake, you can catch it tonight on BBC Radio 4 at 21:00.

And you can hear Part 2, 'Titus Inherits', also on Radio 4, tomorrow, Sunday 17 July, at 15:00.

From the recording session of the second play, here are Claudie Blakeley and Fenella Woolgar as their Ladyships Cora and Clarice Groan being manipulated by the ruthlessly ambitious Steerpike, played by Carl Prekopp...

Steerpike, Cora and Clarice

All of the episodes, as they are broadcast, will remain accessible via the BBC iPlayer until the series is complete. Then, eight days later, it will be possible to download and purchase all six hours of drama for your future enjoyment!

Photo: Islay Bell-Webb

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