Friday 22 July 2011


Over on my Decidedly Disney blog, I have posted the film treatment I wrote in 1987 for Mary Poppins Comes Back, an unmade sequel to Walt Disney's 1964 classic movie musical, Mary Poppins.

There rather a lot to read – probably too much for a blog-post really – but it is (I think) a fascinating story of a piece of Almost-Nearly-Movie-History: one of those tales from Hollywoodland of a film that might have been made if the wind had, for a short while, been blowing in another direction...

Whether it would have been a good film if it had been made is altogether debatable and, of course, we will never know now, but, as I explain in my post, a small fragment of the story which I concocted with the book's original author, P L Travers, survives in the script for the stage musical of Mary Poppins.

Which prompts me to share with you a selection of short educational films centred on the stage show in which I make an occasional appearance...

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