Monday 18 July 2011


I recently took part in a couple of editions of Quote... Unquote... the vintage radio panel game about Who said What, When and Why.

Here's the line-up of victims –– sorry, talent –– for the show...

'Quote... Unquote...' Ardal O'Hanlon, Nigel Rees (Chairman), Shelagh Fogarty, Brian Sibley and Martin Jarvis

Left to right actor and comedian, Ardal O'Hanlon; the show's creator and chairman, Nigel Rees; broadcaster, Shelagh Fogarty; Yours Truly and actor, Martin Jarvis.

Quotations are one thing, marks are quite another: to see how all got on (or didn't), and enjoy a cornucopia of quotes familiar and un-, tune-in to BBC Radio 4 at 13:30 today.

The show will be repeated on Radio 4 next Saturday evening at 23:00 and, thereafter, can be listened to via BBC iPlayer for the following seven days.

If you'd like to know more about the show (and the whole quoting game) visit the official website: Quote... Unquote...

PS: Just came across a rather sweet tweet from yesterday's Twitter: "There are no finer words that one can hear coming out of the radio than these: 'dramatised by Brian Sibley'."

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