Monday 8 August 2011


You may recall that I was foolhardy enough to display my Ignorance Quotient by taking part in Quote... Unquote... the warhorse of panel games devoted to the quoted and misquoted words of the famous and infamous. Well, today is my second appearance.

Here's pretty much the same picture of the talent line-up as I posted last time but with one difference...

'Quote... Unquote...' Ardal O'Hanlon, Nigel Rees (Chairman), Shelagh Fogarty, Brian Sibley, Peter Jefferson (Reader & Announcer) and Martin Jarvis

Left to right: actor and comedian, Ardal O'Hanlon; the show's creator and chairman, Nigel Rees; broadcaster, Shelagh Fogarty; Yours Truly; the new addition – Quotes Reader and Announcer (and one of the veteran voices of the BBC) Peter Jefferson; and actor, Martin Jarvis.

You can hear how we all got on and catch some of our favourite quotes and anecdotes by tuning
in to BBC Radio 4 at 13:30 today.

The show will be repeated on Radio 4 next Saturday evening at 23:00 and, thereafter, can be listened to via BBC iPlayer for the following seven days. And don't take any notice of the fact that the people at iPlayer have chosen to drop my name from the list of performers – they will regret it when they get my solicitor's letter!

If you'd like to know more about the show (and the whole quoting game) visit the official website: Quote... Unquote...


Roger O B... said...

I know you weren't feeling well & were unhappy with your performance, Brian, but you had nothing to be ashamed about on the evidence of the broadcast. I thought your Dahl story trumped Marty-luvvie's Gielgud one (though I liked his stage doorkeeper story).
ETAMENW: couldn't wait for the food order

SharonM said...

You certainly didn't display any ignorance, Brian, but rather the depth of knowledge and anecdotal skills we've come to expect from you.

And now we know when you started drinking whisky at 10am!

Anonymous said...

This is your best radio play. I am well and truly blown away by how great this is! Congratulations!

~ PreRaphaelite