Wednesday 5 February 2014


...not a door...?

Altogether now––––

"When it's a-jar!"


One of the oldest jokes in the world (well at least as old as the existence of doors and jars) got me thinking some years ago when I was compiling an occasional series of audio anthologies for the BBC Radio drawn from prose, poetry and drama mixed in with jokes, quotes and sayings on a given theme.

The result: an entertaining (I think) and even occasionally thoughtful exploration of through the corridors of literature and popular culture and a record usage of BBC door-sound-effects!

You will hear Alan Dudley, Ronald Hurdman, Margaret Robertson, Andrew Secomb, Stephen Thorne and Patience Tomlinson performing extracts from (among others) H G Wells, A A Milne, T S Eliot, Hilaire Belloc, Raymond Chandler, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Walter de la Mare, Loudivic Kennedy, John Milton, William Shakespeare & Omar Khyam.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 26 December, 1981, the programme was directed by John Theocharis.

Knock, knock............


Veronica Zundel said...

I remember hearing this at the time, Brian, and it was brilliant. When are you going to do the same for windows?

Veronica Zundel said...

I remember hearing this at the time, Brian - and it was brilliant. Time to do the same for windows? (but not Windows..)