Friday 13 June 2014


This is the last of my Bradbury dramatisations – at least until tomorrow's broadcast of The Illustrated Man (BBC Radio , 14:30) – and, like each and every one of the previous six plays, I chose today's story because it seemed especially suited to the medium of radio.

I've always been disturbed by the sound of the wind: its wrathful roaring, its scary moaning, its terrifying whispering... Ray Bradbury's 'The Wind', brilliantly capitalises on just such an irrational fear of elemental forces.

Another story taken from The October Country (illustrated, left, by Joe Mugnaini), the play was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 11 December 1997, 'The Wind' was part of the Ray Bradbury's More Tales of the Bizarre season and features Vincent Marcello, Stuart Milligan, Lisa Ross, Caroline Strong, Gerard McDermott, Caroline Jones and David Brooks –– and the sound of the winds of the world...

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