Saturday 14 October 2006


That Cat is back! But only for a few hours!

A few weeks ago, I blogged a blog about The Cheshire Cat and anyone who shares my fondness for Lewis Carroll's evaporating feline and his cinematic incarnation in Disney's 1951 film, Alice in Wonderland should hurry along to the website of Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight [This link no longer works] in Los Angeles, where today is the last day of their We're All Mad Here exhibition of Cheshire Cat artworks.

In addition to two pages of wierd and wonderful paintings [This link no longer works] - including Alan Ausgang's 'The Cheshire Catechism' (above) - check out the auction of Customized Vinyl Cats.

This collection of outlandish creations includes a 'Genuine British Export' (left); a prickly 'Cheshire Cat-Tus'; a 'Cheshire Cat Bird-Feeder' (with birds); a battered, bruised (and partly plastered) 'Cat Accident' and a black-and-white chequered 'Chess-Hair Cat' (complete with chess pieces) that presumably snuck in from Looking-glass World!

There are five pages of these amazing moggies starting 'here. [This link no longer works]

The prototypes used by the artists for these startling creations can be visited at Span of Sunset.

Sadly, homes seem to have been found for the entire litter, including the delightful 'Mickey Pants Cheshire' which shows The Cheshire Cat cheekily impersonating The Mouse!

Since I can't add any of these engaging creatures to my collection, I'll simply have to content myself with this delightful lenticular Christmas tree decoration given to me a few years ago by the voice of Disney's Alice, Kathryn Beaumont, and which - when Twelfth Night rolled round was voted too much fun to be put away with the other seasonal baubles!

Thanks to A Blog of Bosh for rattling my cat-flap!

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