Monday 30 October 2006


If it were not for the fact that tomorrow is Halloween when we are all game for a little spookiness, I'd have some trepidation in sharing this recent - and frankly unnerving - encounter in a dentist's waiting room...

Honestly! The things these teeth-tweakers will do to try and take your mind off an extraction!


Anonymous said...


Holy Green Grass!

Reason #324 of why I won't go to the dentist: Possibly homicidal dolls in the waiting room.

Brian Sibley said...

MOZART?? Mr Scrooge, what ARE you talking about...??

OK, yes, Mozart DID put in a brief appearance and you left a comment -- one of your wittiest remarks yet, I thought -- and then Blogger went "down" for best part of the day and Mozart (and your comment) sank without trace... :-(

Wolfie may, possibly, be resurrected at a (not-too-later) date - if I can find all his bits and pieces and stick them back together again! - at which point this bizarre conversation between us will make sense to EVERYONE ELSE! (Like they care...)

By the way, Cafrine, what I forgot to mention is that this IS my dentist!!