Sunday 8 October 2006


See polkadots & moonbeams: these i have grown

Last night at supper with Polkadots & Moonbeams, I ate a single, home-grown, purple chilli - smaller than a one penny piece - and instantly an explosion akin to the combined eruptions of Etna, Vesuvius and Krakatoa went off inside my head; my teeth dissolved and my tongue caught fire; I ran a Niagara of sweat and went the same colour as the offending chilli! On the plus side my sinuses were suddenly clearer than they have been in three decades!

Obviously a highly efficacious cure for winter ills which should be patented and marketed immediately!


Unknown said...

I am working on the patent obviously and have high hopes of an early retirement....

Brian Sibley said...

Just remember who helped get you started... ;-)