Thursday 26 October 2006



The ‘Screen’ section of today’s London edition of The Times newspaper features an intriguing extract from my shortly-to-be-published authorised biography, Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey.

Under the headline 'We've got to kill a hobbit. You pick one', the extract describes a bizarre early meeting in the Hollywood offices of Miramax at which Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh attempted to discuss the making of The Lord of the Rings with Bob and Harvey Weinstein. You can be read it here at Timesonline.


Anonymous said...

‘We’ve got to kill a hobbit! I don’t care which one; you can pick — I’m not telling you who it should be: you pick out who you want to kill, but we’ve really got to kill one of those hobbits!’


Well, that would have made for a very different film.

Any word, Brian, on a possible release date in Oz?

Brian Sibley said...

It's published in Oz, Cafrine, on 6 November.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That is a quality story !! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, there is also an extract in today's Sunday Herald Sun in Oz, accompanied by some really great photos of Peter Jackson from the old days. It's like the trailer to a great film - telling you enough to get you completely interested, but not enough to know the whole story!

Brian Sibley said...

No one told me!

Except, of course, YOU just did!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Brian,
Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog Petrona--I am most honoured. I'll definitely buy your book as a result ;-).
(Although as I mentioned in my post, our house is full of everything you have ever written on LOTR as it is, as the four of us are all fans of the books and films -- a Christmas viewing of all 3 EEs is looked forward to by us all).
Thanks again for your comment, you have raised my "blog cred" no end.
all best

Brian Sibley said...

Petrona's blog -- "Thinking and linking about books, publishing and interesting articles" -- recently carried a post 'Where Hobbits Dare'...

New readers start >>>>> HERE!

This is, however, just one of SEVERAL sites by this industrious blogger... :-)