Sunday 19 August 2007


The Greeks say...

GREY HAIR is a sign of AGE,


But then again, grey hair doesn't mean that you necessarily have to entirely lose your sense of FUN!

Which is why I'm desperately trying to keep mine in tact!

I really love this picture - taken in 2005 - but it also saddens me because, nowadays (as an aftermath of the avian flu), geese are no longer allowed to wander free, bathing at will... Otherwise, change here is so slow as to be virtually imperceptible!

Last evening we were happily reunited with our friends, Andy and Sue, who were long-term, regular visitors to Kalymnos until last year when they finally gave up the struggle of travelling back and forth and joined the not inconsiderable community of ex-pats on the island.

God, it's a tempting (if impractical) prospect!

Such is the power of Blogger that almost every day we meet someone on the beach or in the bar who either came here because a Google searche took them to my blog or else who follow accounts of Kalymnian activities here when they are unfortunate enough to be elsewhere...

But dear, oh, dear... SIX days are gone already - almost a week! This is truly Tardis-on-Sea: a place where time stands still and, simultaneously evaporates!

Never mind, I can hear the sound of goat-bells from the mountain and the surf on the shingle and it's time for a coffee...

Image: © Brian Sibley, 2007

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