Wednesday 22 August 2007


The Greeks say...

comes in through the

goes out through the

Not sure this is universally true - or even, necessarily, true among Grecians; love can transcend seemingly insurmountable odds and survive apparently unbearable hardships...

But then, that's the thing with all proverbs: they are true and not true in about equal measure!

Image: © Brian Sibley, 2007


Boll Weavil said...

take it from one who has been pretty skint over a long period, it's true !

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very interesting proverb. In the classical latin tradition (I mean literature, poetry) is usual define love (or that wonderful thing of falling in love)as a period in wich body and soul could live with few things... (in spanish: "With you, only bread and onion", in french "live from love and fresh water")... Then comes the greek proverb "When poverty..", perhaps a reply of common sense...

Yes, equal mesure... but, of course, real love must be for better and for worse... (we must remember Saint Paul and his epistle).

Once again: beautiful photograph, (I use to take this kind of photos in my job, doors and windowws with old iron fittings...)