Thursday 30 August 2007


The Greeks say...

Help yourself, so


can help you

Whether the Greeks said this as far back as when God was still plural, I am not sure, but it is an age-old, world-wide saying: 'God helps them as helps themselves...'

(Cue music-hall gag about the devout pickpocket...)

Help and the need for it (divine or human) is still very much the issue of the moment here in Greece and it is difficult to come to terms with the fact that while we are basking in golden sun under blue skies beside an idyllic shore, a mere 45-minutes away by airplane, human life and the ecology of a continent are being ruined or destroyed. Living in Paradise when Hell is so very close is a curious experience.

Thank you for all your expressions of concern about our safety... Today we take the ferry to nearby Kos Town where we hope for better news from the outside world...

Image: © Brian Sibley, 2007


Brian Sibley said...

GILL comments on yesterday's blog:


I don't know if your current technology will let you put this on the blog, but thought I would try.

While I too, am saddened and grieved by the awful fires I do feel your blog lacks a certain perspective [sorry].

The majority of these fires seem to have been set by arsonists [several arrests have already been made], this is because there is legislation about the development of wooded land. No woods? No problem.

On the matter of rushing to help, it seems to me that the UK may just be a bit short of fire fighting helicopters as wildfires are not a feature of our climate. We have an unmatched record of rushing to help in international crises [think of the Tsunami], and the instant response of the British public in collecting money for all natural disasters.

The comment about Bush just made me very cross.

None of this diminishes my sadness about the loss of people [63 according to the British press] or beautiful landscapes.

You may like to know that I had the following conversation at Kos airport on my way home:

Security Man: "Ah! The English at last, the Germans have gone home"

Me: "Do you like the English better?" (Imagining he meant orderly queues!)

Security Man: "Oh yes! The Germans killed us, the English helped us."

Me: "Oh!" (Deeply embarrassed at such a long memory.)

I think this may sustain longer than the fact we don't have firefighting helicopters........


Anonymous said...

Dear Brian -

Thanks for bringing to our attention that God helps them who help themselves.

I have heard so many people who are into the latest craze - "The Secret" - which I certainly believe in - think all you have to do is imagine it and it will arrive in your life.

We do have to act in our own best interest too. God is not the bellhop in the sky!

I have written a post which talks about the way we sabotage our own happiness.

Thought it would interest you! Be safe on your trip.

Corinne Edwards