Wednesday 15 August 2007


We're HERE!

And, as the Greeks say...

He who is not satisfied with a


is not satisfied with a


This is the first in a series of blogs featuring Greek proverbs, saws and sayings (researched by David) some of which are serious and some flippant but all illustrated with photographs from what are, I admit, earlier odysseys --- on account of the problems of uploading pictures to Blooger via dial-up...

It is possible, therefore, that you may have run across some of these photographs in a former life (whether on the blog or on one of my website picture albums); if so, I hope you'll forgive the repetition and view them in the same way that you might consider another cup of tea -- or, here, another cup of café hellenico!

Image: © Brian Sibley, 2007


Boll Weavil said...

With my sieve-like memory and your eye for a good photo, I anticipate viewing a great series of pictures of Greece for the first time ! You're already selling the place to me as long as we can get rid of those smug Greeks who go round philosophising. They'd really get on my wick after a while.

Anne said...

That saying is so true. What beautiful scenery. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

You can repeat beautiful photos ad vitam eternam Brian. Just let us dream on as we look at them!
Have a lovely time!

Rob Cox said...

I'm just impressed you're still blogging every day whilst on holiday!!