Thursday 31 January 2008


Ta-da!! It's once again time for that much loved Sibley blog feature, the ever-popular...


On a recent visit to Oxford, we stayed - as we have done of several occasions - at The Old Bank Hotel in the High Street and, once again (because we always have the same room) passed the the bottom of a staircase leading to a window with a somewhat unusual view...

Captions are now being sought for this curious picture which might either be an explanation for what we see (or think we see), or the words/thoughts of the One Looking In.

Then again, it might be a caption for an illustration in a hotel brochure, a specialist magazine (Home & Gardens or Psychic News) or, even, an estate agents' advertisement!

Be creative and send your entries either via the comments section below or directly to

The prize, as usual, is the fun or participating and the possible glory of being mentioned in dispatches! What more incentive do you need?!


Brian Sibley said...

Hi, Everyone,

Lots of entries have already been received - but none will be posted until after the competition closes.

So, don't delay! Send your caption (or captions) TODAY!!

Diva of Deception said...

I'm not entering the competition as I really can't think of anything to fit your criteria - what sprung to my mind was you saying to David:

After all these years together, isn't it about time you booked us a hotel with a LIFT???

Brian Sibley said...

Nice one, Diva! Fortunately, however, we were on the right floor for our room (which we HAD reached by lift!); but, I must say, I'm glad I didn't have to (a) climb all those stairs and (b) pass TOO close to She Who Observes...

By the bye, in answer to a question (off-blog) from Gill, Mistress-of-the-Robes to The Duchess, the CLOSING DATE for entries to the Caption Competition is Thursday 7 February.