Sunday 12 April 2009


For I remember it is Easter morn,
And life and love and peace are all new born

- Alice Freeman Palmer



Boll Weavil said...

Easter was always a time of new cut flowers and spring sunshine in our house as well as the feeling that life was starting all over again after the winter. I hope there's a bit of all of those things around this time.
Exorgi : A computer nerd who, without really meaning to, finds himself checking his favourite blogs just after midnight and taking time to actually think about the fact that they've probably posted new entries automatically at midnight !

Boll Weavil said...

Three good postings to cheer over Easter Mr B. At a time when the religious significance is lower than ever in peoples minds, its good to look at some of the different stories attached to the festival whilst still being lifted by its arrival. Great stuff !
PUNFU Bank holiday televisual entertainment you wouldn't give time to were it not for it being screened on a slow afternoon when you had an Easter egg to nibble through.