Monday 16 November 2009


Last month, I mentioned the genius of mime, illusionist, and quick-change artiste, Arturo Brachetti.

Well, having just seen Brachetti's London show, Change, I cannot recommend it too enthusiastically: it's a 110 minute cavalcade of non-stop magic! Not just magic tricks - though he performed some beautiful examples of the conjurer's art - but the creation of a totally magical experience.

Brachetti's lightning transformations - guardsman into punk into bowler-hatted businessman into cockney pearly queen into Her Majesty QEII into Britannia - are a wonder to behold and the underlying philosophy of accepting the inevitable changes of life is presented with humour and poignancy.

And when it comes to speed in changing gear - no one does it better...

Change is on at the Garrick Theatre, Charing Cross Road until 3 January 2010. I would urge any of my readers who are within reasonable reach of the metropolis to beg, borrow or steal the wherewithal to get a ticket to this extraordinary and unforgettable show.


SharonM said...

At first when I read 'cannot recommend it too enthusiastically' I thought you meant you were disappointed. Clearly the opposite is the case.

Alas, unless he brings his magic to Glasgow, I'm unlikely to be able to enjoy his special magic.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I am only in London over the week end (and seeing Alice Cooper on the Sunday). This looks really amazing.

Suzanne said...

I could do with a few lessons with Arturo! We don't have enough people in our am-dram group, so some of us have to double up and perform drastic changes backstage! I did one particular costume change in our last play - albeit for the same role. MAD!polishi: the art of transforming theatre make-up in seconds!