Thursday 19 November 2009


Sibley-blog-regular, Roger the Librarian has just pointed me in the direction of a fascinating - though essentially pointless - enterprise.

Yes, it does look like a lot of coffee cups...

But, as Rolf used to say, can you see what it is, yet?

Good heavens! It's dear old Mona in her cups, as it were! Arguably the world's most famous painting recreated with 3,604 cups of coffee - and 564 pints of milk!

Measuring 20 feet x 13 feet, the image took eight people just three hours to complete - which, when you think about it, is not that much longer than the average wait in a boutique coffee shop!

The drinkable version of Da Vinci's masterpiece was created for The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia, where it was seen by 130,000 people attending a one-day coffee-lovers event.

Each cup of black coffee was topped-up with varying amounts of milk - none, a little or a lot - which gave the different sepia shades required to create the 'painting'.

You can read a full account of the story in The Daily Telegraph.

"Beats Jesus in the Marmite lid," says Roger, adding, "Mine's a skinny latte Sistine Chapel, please!"

Thanks Roger, do you happen to know if they make a decaffeinated version?


scb said...

Now we know what caused the Mona Lisa's smile, it was the aroma of all that coffee!

Kudos to Roger the Librarian for discovering this Mona con leche (mixing my countries just a little, like stirring milk into coffee...)

REVERICA -- the reverence one feels for an artist who works in 100% arabica. Such an artist will never be a has-bean.

Suzanne said...

That's OK if you like your coffee tepid or even cold! I like mine relatively strong, black and HOT! SCB - an artist working with arabica gives a whole new meaning to the words gum arabic! moess: A local Flemish word for cappuccino!

SharonM said...

Remarkable! I'm always being surprised by peoples new methods of ingenuity.

Anonymous said...

You're too kind, Brian. I must confess it was sent to me by another cyber-friend. I don't always read his jokes as they come too often and often repeat things I've already seen but that one was to good not to share.
Perhaps it might inspire thosebaristas who put a Xmas tree or shamrock in the froth on your coffee to try something more ambitious!

Roger O. B...
INHYPERE: Overselling a simple beverage.

Andy Latham said...

Well that's where Mona Lisa's smile comes from....she's full of beans!

buh dum pshhh

Brian Sibley said...

Great comments - and gags! - guys.