Sunday 20 June 2010


"What did he say?"

Here are the results independently as judged from anonymous entries by Polkadotsoph...



Left Bust: "Is that supposed to be Liam Neeson?"



Left Bust: I've been looking at this picture above us for a couple of hundred years or so...can you make out what it's supposed to be?"



Left Bust: "What do you think of the new iPad, then?"
Middle Bust: "I'm waiting to see if it comes down
in price."
Right Bust: "Even if it does, it might prove a bit tricky
having to operate it with our noses."


Far left Bust is saying, "I mean obviously there was the big payday, and hosting both GMTV and their World Cup coverage meant that ginger git wasn’t getting in on my action. But what you forget is that once you leave Auntie your career goes bust and you end up on the shelf... Is that really Frank Bough?"


Left Bust: "Who goosed me?"


Bust on left to bust in the middle: "It would be a kindness for one of us to tell him about it - since I started using Head and Shoulders shampoo I've never had dandruff."


Left Bust: "Nobody cares what 'you' think--- Ah, did you see what I did there? A joke: 'no body'!"



From left to right are Huey, Dewey, Louie...

DEWEY: "Unca"
LOUIE: "Donald!"
Through bizarre circumstance, Donald Duck's Nephews find themselves trapped in three Greco-Roman Busts. (Carl Barks put this fowl trio in stranger circumstances than this!)


Middle bust: "You know dude... he who smelt it, dealt it."


Left Bust: "Don't worry about him, he's armless!"

Left Bust: "Its perfectly true I'm one calls us busts anymore. We're man-boobs!"

Left Bust: "Stoned-again, eh?"

Left Bust: "Three busts and no underpants and you call THIS a Sibley Caption Competition ?'


Left Bust: "Hey man, my nose itches... Could you reach over and... uh-oh!"


Left Bust: "It's nice out today."
Middle Bust: "Yes, but you'd better put it back, quick – there's a policeman coming."
Right Bust: "The old ones are the best ones."

When asked what their favourite songs were, Chap on left said "Roman in the Gloamin'", the chap in the centre said: "Greece Lightning" and chap on right said, "June is Bustin' Out All Over".


Left Bust: "Does anyone else feel a draught ?"


Left Bust: "Oi, beardy, 'oos the pretty boy?"
Right Bust: "Dunno, mate. I thought 'e was wiv you"


Left Bust: "Who is that guy? He's been here every day for the past week, just standing there going 'Friends, Romans, countrymen'?"
Middle Bust: "I dunno, some guy called Will..."
Right Bust: "Just stare him out fellas, he'll soon give up"

Left Bust: "Why do you always have to do different? We said no beards"


Left Bust: "I can't believe he just said blockading supply was a sound political idea!"


Left Bust: "It's alright for 'im, he's a bleedin' blind philosopher, but I need sunglasses if I'm gonna have to sit in this sunlight."

Left Bust: "Was that you?"
Middle Bust: "He's been at the beans again!"
Right Bust: "Blown my rear clean away... I wonder if anyone will notice?"

Middle Bust: "Don't get uppity just because you've had your base cleaned up, we're next!"

Left Bust: "For goodness sake cover your chest, there are members of the public coming in here!"

Left Bust: "Can't any of you lend a hand – I've got this itch..."

Left Bust: "Oi, you! Get your beard trimmed!"

Left Bust: "I said, 'Monte Carlo', not this!"


SharonM said...

Congratulations, Stephen and Boll.

Gosh my first placing (as far as I can remember) in a Sibley Caption Competition - what more could I ask for!

Boll Weavil said...

An amazing number of entries Mr B ! Shows hows popular your comps are. Lets have another one soon...

Brian Sibley said...

Give me a break, BOLL, I've just got over this one!!

SharonM said...

Yes, why not stick in a few pics of men in pants until you've recovered.

Bill Field said...

Congrats to ALL the winners! Some outstanding, and laugh out loud funny quips! Great Job, and of course, Brian, GREAT COMPETITION!

Boll Weavil said...

SharonM - you deserve a prize for that last comment alone :-)

Brian Sibley said...

Thanks SHARON for the suggestion! And thanks BILL for the congrats: duly passed on. BOLL: your (and SHARON's) fixation with men in pants is a little concerning, don't you think...? ;)

SharonM said...

Of course, that 'fixation' couldn't possibly have arisen out of several of your previous blogs...

Brian Sibley said...

It's so easy to blame others, isn't it? :0

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed the dealine but how about . .

R/H bust,thinking -
Why is that ghastly Adrian Chiles staring at me ?

Brian Sibley said...

Well,yes, there is a similarity, isn't there?!

Brian Sibley said...

Or as your blog identity has it, you 'Koodabinacontender'!! :)

Roger O B... said...

I couldn't see the link where onecan complain to the appropriate authorities about the judge's decisions!
Roger O B.. (not a bad loser, really)
HARIOUS :1)I joke not quite as funny as you thought
2)A certain taverna full of flowers and insects, presided over by the charming and jovial Evdokia

Brian Sibley said...

These comments will soon require annotations for the uninitiated majority! :)

Stephen Gallagher said...

Sorry to come in late with my thanks... I'm a bit breathless from the lap of honour...

Brian Sibley said...

Thoroughly deserved!