Monday 7 June 2010


In my recent posts about Ronald Searle, I didn't mention his wonderful cats.

I am not really a 'cat-person' (with the exception of Zebedee and Dylan to whom - most of the time - I don't have an allergic reaction) but I love Searle's felines: knowing, devious, lazy, lustful: basically human-types in cat-suits!

Another devoted admirer of Searle's moggies (and the rest of the cartoonist's human and animal zoo) is my long-time friend, artist, animator and mosaic-maker Martin Cheek who recently produced a witty series of Catfish portraits: decidedly fishy felines that captures the eternal bond between the cat and its favourite food.

Even though it's not a Friday, I'm serving them up for your enjoyment...

Pink Catfish by Martin Cheek

Catfish by Martin Cheek

Can't Plaice Him by Martin Cheek

And this Fish-face is made up of five fish - can you find them all?

Fishface by Martin Cheek


Bill Field said...

Growing up in Hawaii, Kliban's second home, I'm afraid even the wonderful mosaics, as well as Searle's felines- for me, factual or not, scream Kliban. I hate to say it, but I almost wish to purge them from my memory as to not see new cat-uratures in a Kliban-less light.

Suzanne said...

Thank you for that! My amdram director and hiss wife are absolutely nuts about cats! I shall be giving them the link! BTW did you get my mail?

Brian Sibley said...

BILL FIELD - I also like Kliban's cats, but think there's still room in the world for a few more fanciful felines. :)

SUZANNE - Hope they like the cats. Re: your e-mail - I answered (belatedly, sorry) yesterday. I have just re-sent it - trust it gets through this time.

SharonM said...

I like looking at cats from a safe distance.

I think my favourite cat has to be 'Puss een Boots' from Shrek 2.

Good Dog said...

What marvellous mosaics! But are there 250-odd that can be dotted around central London when the elephant parade marches away?

Brian Sibley said...

SHARON - "Safe distance"! I like that! :)

GOOD DOG - Martin decorated a cow for the Cow Parade some years ago - I wish he'd done an elephant.