Friday 14 October 2011



What a week: I set off last Saturday on what proved to be (with check-in, in-transit and check-out times) a 30+ hour long journey from my London Bag End to the Wellington equivalent of the Lonely Mountain!

Then came the attack of my personal Smaug in the form of a nasty infection of the skin tissue in the left leg (cellulitus) probably triggered by the trauma from a rather nasty fall I took in London before I left...

In between meeting the brilliant artisans of Middle-earth (and encountering a baker's dozen of dwarves) I've been spending time worrying about my painfully swollen while sitting in doctor's surgeries, hospital waiting rooms and late-night pharmacies!

Mega-doses of antibiotics seem to be (to use a leg-orientated simile) 'kicking-in' at last and I am desperate to get myself feeling better, more mobile and focusing on the task of gathering information about the adventures of Mr Bilbo Baggins on his journey through Jacksonland, rather than on my personal status as one of Hobbiton's walking wounded!

So, what can I tell you of the wonders, miracles and delights that I have glimpsed over-hill and under-hill? Sadly, having signed a non-disclosure document – that gives Warner Bros more control over my immortal soul than Mephitopheles had over Dr Faustus –– I can tell you absolutely NOTHING! Other than that it's all looking pretty darn fantastic.

The newly acquired iPad has not (so far) yeilded all its promised potential and I'm incredibly frustrated to find that I can't upload photos to Blogger or flickr which is why this post is, uncharacteristically, lacking in illustrative embellishment!

Never mind, down here, I've two days of taking it easy while my host nation anticipates – with a mixture of elation and anxiety – Sunday's Rugby World Cup semi-final between NZ and Oz. Monday will either be a day of jubilation or deepest mourning!

By the way, I know it says 'Friday' on the top of this post but, down here, it's already Saturday. I could try to work out how to change the Time Zone setting on my Blogger account, but with iPad holding out on me, I'd probably end up losing the post or even deleting the blog!


Elena said...

Sorry to read of the problems!
I hope you'll get better soon!(As for the iPad, I don't know whether there is a solution...I don't think so)

scb said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear of your leg problems! I hope all clears up soon so that you can Hobbit about without hobbling about.

The iPad should be acting more charitably toward you. My chum Susie's Mum loves her iPad -- I hope yours starts behaving in the way it should. You don't need any more aggravation in your life right now!

DRALLH -- the way a Middle Earth Texan speaks.

jan said...

what a horrible start to what was to be a grand experience. i've contacted our mac club prez so maybe he can solve your ipad prob. i'll let you know when i hear back from him.

meanwhile take care of that infection.

Good Dog said...


Yikes! I really hope the drugs do work in this instance and you get back to having a grand time recording all the comings and goings from [can't mention that to place] to [can't mention that place either], and whether [can't mention his name] is now down in NZ along with [can't mention his name] and [nor his name]. Hopefully you'll be checking out the costume, hair and make-up departments when they need additional extras for [can't mention that scene either] and we may get to see you on screen as well as your words in print. Does it matter that you can't yet change the time zones? The sun may have set on our once glorious Empire long ago but we still have our GMT! Take good care and enjoy the rest of your time down there.

Anonymous said...

Paul si sinorina from Czech rep.15.10.11 I find your blog now. And Do you Brian which made some radio hour with music by the piano and smoke his cigar ? si. I have this program on mgf still. There will be some 10 years later. When I was listen your voice I want to visit you in London.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon. And please be sure to stand VERY still when they're filming, or all those pills will make you rattle!

Brian Sibley said...

Dear Paul (Czech Rep): yes, I made a lot of radio broadcasts but not smoking cigars beside a piano... Sorry to disappoint you!