Tuesday 4 October 2011


David and I celebrate the fourth anniversary of our Civil Partnership today – although, in total, we have been together now for 21 years!

I recently stumbled on a numerology-based compatibility test. A bit late to start running tests on a relationship that's been going for over two decades, you might say, but the results were interesting.

Anyone who knows us, will have a view on just how accurate it is...

Compatibility level: 100% - A natural fit that usually produces a very compatible relationship.

David is drawn to Brian, in part, because Brian has great inner strength and the kind of personal power that reveals the possibility of worldly success. Capable and goal-oriented, Brian is a force to be reckoned with.

Brian is attracted to David largely because Brian recognizes in David an emotional and spiritual wealth that may well have remained, at least to some extent, dormant in the life of Brian. David lives and experiences life on many levels. David knows the heart and the power of emotions.

When David and Brian are brought together, individual innate qualities can produce quite a balanced relationship. This is a combination with potential to survive for years and years.

However, an important detail they both must be attentive to is that the relation between them is often based on illusions, and when such illusions fall apart, the relationship may crash.

David sees strength, and thinks it will always be there. Brian sees romance and the subtle powers of the heart, and thinks it will last forever. Neither does, of course. Strength eventually dissipates. The heart slowly loses interest. However, that does not mean this relationship does not stand a chance. It certainly does. And the key to make it a pleasant, long lasting relationship is to recognize each other for what they are, beyond the obvious.

David must learn to love not only Brian's strength and capabilities but also Brian's weaknesses. It is important that David can love Brian as a whole human being. And Brian, in turn, must learn to love not only the romantic presence, the passion of the heart Brian craves in David, but David as a whole human being.

Few combinations tend to give birth to relationships based on illusions as often as do these two. But David and Brian must not forget that they both have many other qualities to be brought to the surface, exercised and explored to their mutual benefit. They just need to keep that in mind, to unite their respective strengths and move on to turn theirs into a most pleasant, rewarding, and long-lasting relationship.
So, watch this space...




Anonymous said...

happy anniversary to you both.
have missed seeing you the last 2 years in Emborious.
love to both + buttons [of course]
take care
Elaine xx

David Weeks said...

Well that's quite interesting now, isn't it. What were the numbers? Where did they come from, I wonder? Happy Anniversary to you too, Brian. I think the picture is a kind of Mekon meets Orson Wells... perhaps there is mileage in investigating the compatibility of those two characters!

Susan D-L said...

Many, many more years of happiness and love to you both.

My boy and I mark 23 years of official togetherdom this Saturday. But our real anniversary dates from the moment over a year before we said 'I do', when we locked eyes in a hallway and our mutual heartstrings went 'zing'. They still do.

Good Dog said...

Very best wishes to you both. I hope you're having an extra-special day, looking forward to many, many more anniversaries to come.

All the best

Paul x

Arts and Crafts said...

Happy anniversary and many happy returns...

But I guess that the "illusions" are refered to the magic of David and your love for the fantasy...

Have a nice day!!

scb said...

All the best always, Brian and David -- may you celebrate many more anniversaries!

'Interesting' analysis in that thingie...

jan said...

happy annie, boys. how could each of you not fall in love with the other looking like that?

it's good to know there were other things besides looks that attracted you to each other.

many years more for you both.

Phil said...

Happy anniv, guys. But you must stop looking in the opposite sides of spoons like that.

(In these photos, David: Mekon tendencies, yes. Brian: not so much Orson Welles as... Johnny Vegas!)