Sunday 16 October 2011


Unable to use iPad to upload any of the many photos I've (not) taken, I thought I'd post a few very old photos, from my first-ever visit to New Zealand in 2001, showing examples of Wellington's wonderful public artworks, beginning with Neil Dawson's impressive, yet amazingly delicate, 'Ferns': a 3.4 metre diameter sphere suspended 14 metres above Civic Square in central Wellington.

Exquisite AND quirky! Brilliant!

Fern Ball (3)

Fern Ball (2)

Sorry the images aren't centrally aligned (in line with my usually fastidious house style) but – guess what? – iPad doesn't let you make those kind of adjustments...

Later rectified!


Phil said...

Hi Brian,

this isn't really a comment, just an attempt to get a message to you! I don't know if you heard, but the great radio writer-director Norman Corwin passed away yesterday, having reached the grand age of 101. I understand he was still writing, into his second century. An inspiration for us all!

As I'm sure you know, he was a lifelong friend and inspiration to Ray Bradbury. Ray dedicated at least one book to Norman, and they worked together on numerous projects. In recent years, they made a lot of public appearances together.

I hope NZ is treating you well

- Phil

Ryan Rasmussen said...

I must confess: it's terribly exciting to be able to say "Welcome back to Wellington, Brian!"

Wishing your next journey here is filled with high adventure - and hope to see you soon!